Friday, September 19, 2014

Lee Hieb for Iowa Governor

Leah and I had the opportunity to hear the Libertarian party candidate for governor of Iowa, Dr. Lee Hieb, speak last week in Madrid at an event sponsored by Boone County for Freedom.  I've been very impressed by Dr. Hieb in interviews I've heard on the Jan Mickelson and Simon Conway programs on WHO Radio and, after listening to her in person, have absolutely no doubt that she is the candidate for me in the upcoming election.
Perhaps even more enjoyable and impressive than her formal talk at the Madrid Library was that she joined several Liberty loving and freedom minded people that were in attendance, including Leah and I, afterwards at the Flat Tire Lounge for a couple of hours.  Leah and I sat with her and discussed everything from politics, to raising chickens, to her career as a surgeon, to gluten free diets.  It was an absolutely fantastic evening.
Iowans, I strongly encourage you to look past the two main party candidates in November and give Lee Hieb your vote.

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