Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa's video messages for the boys

Let's start this post with remembering how much Santa Claus has to do at this time of year.  Gifts for all the good boys and girls of the world that believe in him?  I can't even start to imagine how stressful that is.  Then, on top of preparing for that, he takes time out of his incredibly busy schedule to create video greetings for some very special kids too?  Simply amazing.  Let's cut him a little slack then that his message to Holden and his message to Maddux seem to be a little similar.  The bottom line is that both boys made the nice list.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a victory.

Santa's message for Holden

Santa's message for Maddux

Holden, still a true believer by the way, had a little panic set in when he heard Santa mention trying not to lie this past year (the lad's a bit of a story teller at times) but, once he saw the needle bury itself on the nice side of this video, let out a "Yes!" accompanied by a fist pump.

I will forever regret not making a video of Maddux as he watched his message later in the evening for the first time.  A deep breath in followed by "Dad! Look! Dad! Look!" in a voice filled with awe and wonder as Santa came on the screen and addressed him by name will be a memory that lasts for the rest of my life.  Maddux typically refers to himself as "baby" (whereas Gillian is "Dodo" and Holden is "Appi" for some reason) so the first time his picture came up in the video the joyous cry of "Dad! Look - baby!" did a fine job of melting his Daddy and Mommy's hearts.
While I didn't think to take a video of Maddux watching his Santa greeting, I did get a picture.  It shows the deep concentration (with, dare I say, pure contentment) that was happening at the moment more than the wonderment previously mentioned but it's still a pretty good shot.
Maddux watching his video message from Santa
Congratulations to both of you gentlemen for making the nice list.  Keep up the good work.

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