Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WWE Raw in Des Moines on Sept 2nd

We ended months of eager anticipation in the Davis home last night when Holden and I went to see WWE Raw in Des Moines.  Raw is the weekly 3 hour show that airs live on the USA network on Monday nights that has been must see tv in our household for the last year.  We saw the taping of the Superstars show that airs later in the week on Hulu Plus, the three hour Raw show, then a dark match main event that took place after the show went off the air.  I kind of agonized over whether to Maddux or not but, even though he loves to play with wrestlers with Holden and gets excited when certain guys hit the ring when watching on TV, I don't think he would have handled four hours sitting there very well.  Leah and I would have had to take him out and wander the concourse which would have probably sucked out my will to live after a couple hours. 

I wouldn't have seen myself attending a live WWE show a couple of years ago but I can say without a doubt that simply being there to witness how excited Holden was and how he got in to the matches and chants that it was absolutely worth it and that we will be right there again the next time the WWE brings a show through this area.  I'm just going to be sure to grab a camera on my way out the door instead of relying on taking pictures with my phone.

Getting ready to head out with a very excited 1st grader

12 semis parked right next to each other to move the equipment from show to show.

View of the ring and titantron as you walk through the door with arms full of expensive WWE merchandise.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Prime Time Players vs 3MB

CM Punk

CM Punk and a kendo stick

CM Punk entrance

Da fuq you mean I'm fired?

WWE Champion Randy Orton. Holden hasn't decided how to handle his heel turn. He was wearing a Viper shirt but cheering for the guy Orton wrestled.


Big Show is a big dude.

CM Punk after his victory in the dark match against Curtis Axle and Paul Heyman.

Quick self portrait on our way out the door

View of the ring on the way out.

Ring, Titantron and remnants of the crowd on our way out the door.
RKO shirt, WWE title belt, CM Punk hat (not on his head but still in the picture) and Daniel Bryan "YES!" rally towel. I'd say the kid is a WWE fan.


kgp845 said...

What? No Diva shots? or Fandango's dancer girl? Lol!!

Lowell said...

I couldn't take a picture when wildly waving a dollar bill above my head.