Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We'll miss you Dexter

Today we lost the best bunny named after a fictional serial killer that a family could ask for.  We had noticed he was losing weight recently but when we got up this morning found that he was unable to move his back legs.  Leah had her first, and hopefully last for a very long time....perhaps ever, experience with having to euthanize a pet.  Difficult to do (yes even for "just" a rabbit....he was still a pet in our family) but certainly more humane than letting him go more slowly. We're going to miss you Dexter.

Leah wanted a rabbit her entire childhood.  She finally got one with what we thought was a little guy....that turned out to be a little girl.  Despite that we stuck with the name Dexter and continued to use male pronouns.

Dexter and Riley were, amazingly enough, friendly with each other.

Dexter got quite a bit bigger from the first picture above but he really wasn't as enormous as this picture leads you to believe.

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