Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July weekend

We had a very enjoyable long weekend at the Davis house.  Everything kicked off with the Municipal Band's annual patriotic music concert on Wednesday evening, we hosted my parents on Thursday to grill some steaks and make homemade ice cream before watching the fireworks, made a trip to the Ledges on Friday and went camping in the tent I set up in our yard (because it will reach 32 degrees in hell before I go camping this summer at a "real" campground) on Friday and Saturday nights.  Mixed in there were several trips to the pool, a couple of bonfires, with 'smores of course, and lots of time just hanging out and having fun being together.  These five day weekends should happen more often!
Spending Independence Day at the pool!

Gillian testing the sparklers before heading out to watch fireworks

The obligatory picture of fireworks

I refuse to go camping this summer but did agree that a backyard camp out would be okay.
A holiday weekend trip to the Ledges
Maddux on a mission
Capturing minnows
Someone was in the splash zone for people driving through the Ledges
Here Dad - have some mud.

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