Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Reading Challenge

The 2012 Reading Challenge on Goodreads is complete.  I initially set my goal pretty low.  Lowell from a few years ago would have laughed at how low in fact.  But screw him.  Doesn't he know that I'm at the ballpark most of the time in the summer and have a six year old and a baby at home to take care of and play with?  Judgmental dick.  Anyway, my initial goal was 15 books.  I figured just over one a month would be okay.  I'd read more in the winter and probably less in the summer.
Then I found myself reading the first Vince Flynn book which got me hooked.  I ended up reading by 15th book in May.  As predicted I slowed down significantly in the summer when Little League got in to swing and hit a lull again in November when the holidays arrived.  I did end up with 30 books for the year however, double my initial goal and 150% of my revised goal.

I'm setting a goal of 25 books for 2013.  There's a Brad Thor challenge and a Vince Flynn challenge to go through each of their previously published books that I considered participating in because I absolutely love both authors but I don't know that time will allow me to do that AND continue to read new titles.  If you'd care to join me at the Goodreads site for their 2013 Challenge, I cordially invite you to do so.  I'm a big fan of that site - I don't particularly care about the reviews but it's a great way to track what you've read, what you want to read, etc.  Come give it a try.

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