Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6th Grade Music Concert

A few images from the 6th grade concert last night.  The chorus, band and orchestra all performed (Gillian is a member of the chorus and played the flute in the band) and all did a fantastic job.  I was very disappointed in my fellow parents and audience members however as the vast majority got up and left as soon as their child's portion was over.  The entire concert lasted less than 90 minutes and yet that was too much time to dedicate to supporting the music program and showing appreciation for the hard work all the other kids put in?  People never cease to amaze me.  Absolutely unacceptable.

I'm very proud of Gillian for carrying on the family tradition of playing music.  I hope she gets as much enjoyment from it as I have throughout the years.

The 6th grade concert band

Gillian, Dad and a strangely sideways Holden

Gillian and Grandma after the concert

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