Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Sing-Off

I try not to be too judgmental.  I often fail, but I try.  That said I hate reality TV.  It's pandering crap.  I have been known to watch the show I insist on referring to as "America's Fattest Fatties Crying Over Losing Two Pounds" (tip of the cap to Perry Cox) because the first episode I ever watched had this obese whiny chick in a pink t-shirt face plant while waddling on a treadmill.  That was TV magic for me.  I watched the rest of that season just because I knew the constant replays of that whenever they did flashbacks for her would bring a smile to my face.
I've watched a couple seasons of American Idol because I will occasionally do something to try to bond with those around me.  Talking about whatever tone deaf douche in skinny jeans covered a song I've never heard before was something I could do with the wife.  I watched an entire season of The Real World on MTV about a decade ago.  I really don't know why. I'm pretty sure I came away dumber.

However - I do watch the Sing-Off on NBC.  Honestly I watched it first because of Ben Folds.  I have a well established manly platonic love for that guy.  I do also however dig a capella music.  Put the two together and I'm there.  Note: I do have to watch it on TiVo so that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever have to sit through listening to Nick Lachey talk.
In case Ben Folds wasn't enough though, I'm pretty sure this performance from last night's season 3 debut would have sealed the deal for me being a fan of the show forever.  Wow.

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