Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Day Chris Bennett Almost Died

You people have no idea how close we were to a headstone which would have read "Friend. Lightbulb changer. Photographer."
Chris Bennett of Photography 139 graciously agreed to take pictures at last Saturday's Little League Challengers game.  He was the only adult on the field that I neglected to warn about the major league bat flip from one of the ball players.  He did quickly figure things out though as you can see from the photo of the bat flying directly at him below (click on the image for a larger version where you can see the bat better).
Thanks for taking the pictures Chris.  As always, they're fantastic.  Thanks also for still being alive.

To see all of the photos from the game, click here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pretty much

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good job blue!

Holden has been enjoying all the time spent at the ballpark this summer.  He's there not only for his T-Ball games and his sisters' softball games but for my Cloverettes team's games, Challengers games (Saturdays at 3:30 if you're in the area and want to support a great group of kids!) and days I'm working at the park on board duty as well.  So basically, he's there all the time.  Somewhere in the last few weeks he has decided that he wants to be an umpire.  He's wanted to sleep with his ball/strike counter and was actually a little irritated that I made him play in the field instead of installing him as the ump in his last t-ball game.
Since he's too young to help out as a Challenger buddy, I let him gear up to be umpire for a little bit in last Saturday's game.  He did exactly what an umpire should do - stay out of the way.  :)  He got to call a few kids safe, dusted the plate off a few times and gave out a few fives to the Challengers kids who scored.  He's been pretty proud to tell people he's an umpire now.
Holden the umpire

I hope I'm not doing him a disservice by raising him not only as a Cubs fan but now as someone who wants to be an umpire and thus the target of scorn by thousands of people.  Sorry for the future therapy bills little guy.