Thursday, April 28, 2011

The undefeated Cloverettes and Robins

The first game of the season is now behind us.  I wasn't able to attend Gillian and Ally's first minor league softball game but they were both very enthused about playing ball at a new level where they can actually steal and have the opposing team pitch to them.  As you would expect for the first game in a league where kids are on the mound for the first time it was clearly a pitchers duel* that ended in a 15-15 tie.

The Cloverettes did an absolutely fantastic job.  Night and day from the scrimmage we had last week in fact. We had a bit of an out of the ordinary game as the opposing team's assistant coach was unable to be there and the coach was only there for about a half hour due to a flat tire but a couple of parents stepped in and did an admirable job of getting the kid ready to play.  When all was said and done, we left the field victorious scoring 18 runs to the other team's 5.  All of the girls got at least one hit (who has a team batting average of .780 and OBP of .740? The mighty Cloverettes baby.  Sure isn't the Cubs) and nearly everyone crossed the plate once to score a run.  Best of all for me though was that it looked like all of them had fun playing and were genuinely happy to cheer on their teammates.  If we can keep that part up, and I totally expect that we will, it's going to be a really fun summer of softball.


*My wife didn't pick up on that term being used sarcastically.

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