Monday, January 12, 2009

Leah battles "a large creature"

So I get a call at work this afternoon. It's my wife. The conversation is fairly routine. She tells me about her day a little bit, I ask if I need to drop by the store to pick up milk or anything on my way home, etc. Nothing too exciting.
Until her tone suddenly changes and she begins talking much faster. The only thing I can really make out is "Lowell...(indecipherable)...large creature".
I am instantly amused so I hit the record button on my phone as I was encouraging her to take a picture of it with her cell phone to send to me. I now have a recording of the end of her battle against the large creature as well as an image of it saved for posterity.

My brave wife - click to play audio.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

That is the kind of creature that Spencer points out for me to smack with a slipper or shoe. He is a great bug tracker. Maybe you can get Riley or Ivy to take care of these matters for you in the future. Love, Mom