Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new year, a new look. Kind of.

You may have noticed that going to doesn't look the same as it used to. It looks a lot like the blog page did.

Long, long ago when I first put up a webpage at this domain I created everything using either Frontpage or good old notepad. Once I made or edited a page I'd then launch an ftp app or would upload it through a cmd prompt. Old school baby.

A few years ago I decided that it was a giant pain in the backside to do this when sites like blogger, wordpress, etc. made on the fly edits so much easier. I could just type and click publish! I could send updates from my phone!
For some reason though I didn't switch the index page to this website over to that then. I kept updating the $*@! thing manually. I'd actually publish a blog post then go and change the index page to reflect that there was a new blog available by clicking a link.


Anyway, the index page now goes directly here. The sidebar on the right has changed a little bit from the old blog page. I dropped a few things that I used to have on the index completely. In the coming days and weeks I'll probably change the design of this page but, in the interest of making this switch before 2009 began, I kept the old template since it was easier to hack up and and make the sidebar changes to.