Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted

Thoughts from voting this morning.

• No line to speak of at all. I spent more time reviewing my ballot than I did waiting for my turn to vote.
• The only real delay I experienced was because some moron ahead of me couldn't get his ballot in to the machine after he filled it out. The 142 year old woman working there asked the 187 year old woman behind the table what to do. They finally hit on the solution of READING THE ERROR MESSAGE and determined that the guy filled out too many circles. Two presidents? Eight soil commissioners? We shall never know.
• Some guy came in right after I did and said he wasn't sure if he was registered to vote. Excuse me? You're not sure if you're registered to vote? Go home.

So I've voted. Now I sit back to watch what happens. I don't have a good feeling about what seems to be on the horizon. I'll first say that I rarely, if ever, take a position blindly. I study the issue, or issues, then try to see both sides before coming to my conclusion. When I do take a position, I'm at peace with myself in the decision I've made. This year? Yikes. If I could have the John McCain who ran for president in 2000, I'd be a lot happier. That said, I don't understand the support Obama. He seems to have been immersed in Marxism for his entire life. A leftist mother, a Communist mentor in Frank Marshall Davis, Marxist professors and pastor. It's no wonder. But this is America. It looks clear that the Fairness Doctrine, Cap and trade, and class warfare are all part of the package with Senator Obama.

I don't want Holden to look at me and ask why my generation sold the freedoms of his grandparents and great-grandparents out. I fear an Obama presidency with a Democrat controlled House and Senate would quite likely do just that.

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