Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tweets from the Sarah Palin rally

If you're not on Twitter, check it out.  It's pretty useful for a lot of things (woot offs anyone? Cubs beat writers posting the lineups as soon as Lou releases them.  Reporters following candidates, etc.) as well as just kind of fun to follow friends in their daily life as they update.  The following are my twitter updates from Leah and I attending the Sarah Palin rally in Des Moines earlier today.

An Obama supporter just called me a communist. Seriously? Can we define that word? about 8 hours ago from txt 

I might actually hate secret service more than the TSA. Which is saying quite a bit. about 7 hours ago from txt

 Listening to aaron tippin sing at the rally. about 7 hours ago from txt  

 Some dude at the rally near me keeps dropping ass. Not cool in close quarters dude. about 7 hours ago from txt 

Sen. Brownback just took the stage. about 7 hours ago from txt

 Chuck Grassley just took the stage. And the miserable dbag close to me is still making life unpleasant. about 6 hours ago from txt

 Governor Palin will be on stage in a minute. about 6 hours ago from txt

 Some poor kid just walked through the crowd at belt level just as my least favorite person dropped another one. about 6 hours ago from txt

 Sarah takes the stage. about 6 hours ago from txt

The protestors leave before the rally is over? Weak.about 5 hours ago from txt

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