Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cubs stuff

Injured Cubs fan throws out first pitch.
Dominic DiAngi will probably never forget his eighth birthday Saturday.

The Frankfort, Ill., boy, who was hit on the head by a foul ball at the Cubs' July 10 game, got to meet several big leagues players and threw out a ceremonial first pitch to Ted Lilly on Saturday. DiAngi was struck by a ball off Lilly's bat, and hospitalized.

"It's going to be awesome to see him, and I think the guys will be excited to see him," Lilly said. "This will be a good experience for him. I'm glad he's willing to come back after the experience he had."

Lilly and teammate Derrek Lee had visited Dominic in the hospital after the incident.

"[Lilly] was visibly shaken," said Pete DiAngi, the boy's father. "I believe he brought Derrek for moral support."

Dominic has made great progress, and was not experiencing headaches, his parents said. He didn't know he was going to a Cubs game Saturday, but thought he was headed downtown for a birthday lunch. He arrived at Wrigley wearing his Aramis Ramirez jersey and Cubs cap.

He got to sit in the dugout, and talk to several of the Cubs, including Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Theriot, and Alfonso Soriano.

His parents seemed more excited than Dominic about the experience.

"I can't stop touching the grass," Pete DiAngi said, as he stroked the Wrigley Field turf.

That's simply a fantastic story. You can't help but smile that the kid is okay, still a baseball fan and got to meet a couple of real class acts in Ted Lilly and D-Lee.

In other Cubs news that makes me really happy - Leah finally took my advice and paid close attention to trying to lip read when Lou Piniella makes an appearance on the field. I was hoping she'd watch him when he was chewing a pitcher's ass out on the mound but she hit the jackpot. She got to see him go off on an umpire and get run from the game today. She did a fine job of figuring out what he said about the replacement ump Drake (thanks TiVo for helping with the replays!) and is now looking forward to the next episode of this little game I've been playing since he came on board as the Cubs skipper. Atta girl Leah!

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