Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching up on family news

It's been a busy time with the family lately. The biggest news, as far as I'm concerned, has to do with Holden.

On April 5th we took the kids to the park. To make a long story short, he broke his leg. In two places no less.
How does an 18 month old break his leg? He twists it underneath him while going down a slide.
It took twelve days, one ER visit, two pediatrician visits, two different sets of X-Rays and one MRI to determine that it's broken. He's in one of those nifty walking casts that's held on by a billion pieces of velcro until the 12th of May. He's also really good at taking it off when he's seen enough of it. Fortunately, it's become easier to put back on as we get the hang of it. It was taking me about ten minutes to do what he could un-do in about 20 seconds for the first day or two.
I am pleased to report though that he doesn't seem to be in tremendous pain now. Finally. He was living on Tylenol and Motrin for the first couple of weeks. As soon as it would wear off, he'd scream and cry. The poor little guy (your choice if I'm talking about him or me) didn't sleep through the night for about 15 days after the accident happened.

Little league has begun! Ally and Gillian are in the T-Shirt league on the Cloverettes team. The weather hasn't cooperated with us at all this season so far (c'mon - snowing on the day we were to have our first scrimage!?) but they've had a lot of fun when we've been able to practice and have games. I'm coaching them this year with Jesse. It's been very nice to get back out on the ball field with someone I've been friends with since before I was in Jr High school and for our girls to get to know each other. I'm really happy they've gotten so excited about playing. I've seen some drastic improvements already and have been pleasantly surprised that the one thing they want to do every night when I get home from work is to go outside and practice.

In other news, we officially joined the First United Methodist Church on the 13th of April. We've been attending since the first of this year. I did a pretty long and thorough search before feeling comfortable with where we've landed and couldn't be happier with the way things have worked out. The girls truly enjoy it and love going to their Sunday School class each week. I've become a member of the Men's group and will be helping out with my first official project later in May when the UMM serves dinner for the Mother-Daughter banquet.

My friend Chris referred to himself as "Johnny Joiner" recently. I'm stealing that label for myself after the last few months. As I noted, the family and I joined the FUMC, I joined the United Methodist Men, and began coaching Little League softball. As of last Saturday, I'm also a member of the Boone National Little League Board of Directors. I'm ready to jump in and help with the daily operations of this great organization. Check back after my first full week of board duty to see if I've changed my mind. :)

Miscellaneous pictures coming soon.

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